Unsponsored Children

We are looking for ongoing support of a child to provide reliable, ongoing support. We offer the option of one-time gifts for a child if ongoing sponsorship does not fit your budget at this time. All support is appreciated.

Emmanuel Ndaro Zuma

Emmanuel Ndaro Zuma Boy, 9 years old Emmanuel and his disabled sister live with their mother in Mpirani Village. Their father died of a stroke. Emmanuel is in standard 2 at Gola Zula Primary. The mother has no job and tries to support her children with the few crops...

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Esther Rehema Safari

Esther Rehema Safari Girl, 7 years old Esther lives with her mother and 3 siblings (9, 8, and 5) in Mpirani Village. She is in standard 1 at Godazula Primary School. Her father committed suicide and her mother sells coconuts in a village market. She is not able to...

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Joshua Kahindi Katana

Joshua Kahindi Katana Boy, 5 years   Joshua lives in the village of Kagombani with his mother and four brothers. His father died in 2021. Joshua is in the nursery class at Kagombani Primary School. His mother suffers from an upper respiratory infection and is not...

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Samuel and Amina Charles

Samuel and Amina CharlesBoy, 7 years old and Girl, 4 years old Samuel and Amina live with their grandmother in Masheheni Village. Their mother died in November 2022 and their father is an alcoholic and not around. Samuel is in grade 3 and Amina is in preschool at...

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Tobias Tsofa Masha

Helen Charo graduated from Masheheni High School and went on to graduate from a secretarial school in Malindi.

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