Unsponsored Children

We are looking for ongoing support of a child to provide reliable, ongoing support. We offer the option of one-time gifts for a child if ongoing sponsorship does not fit your budget at this time. All support is appreciated.

Emmanuel Ushini Samson

Emmanuel Ushindi Samsonboy, 1 1/2 years old Emmanuel lives with his mother and brother in Kaoyeni Village. When he was 2 months old his father was gunned down by gangsters as he was taking a small amount of money to the bank. Emmanuel's mother tries to feed her...

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Ishmal Whurya Gatse

Ishmal Whurya Gatse Boy, 9 years old DISABLED CHILD Ishmal has severe scoliosis and lives with his unemployed mother and father and 2 year old brother in Mpirani Village. He is in grade 2 at Boda Zhula Primary School. His parents depend on digging and planting local...

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Sampuli Kazungu

Sampuli KazunguGirl, 14 years Sampuli lives in the village of Marafa with her father, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. and She attends Marafa Primary school and likes rope skipping, handball, and playing children’s games. Sampuli recently lost her sponsor. She needs a new...

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Wilson Nyale Wanje

Wilson Nyale Wanje Boy, 13 years old Wilson lives with his mother and four siblings in the village of Marikebuni. His father died of a heart attack in 2016. Since the death of Wilson's father the family's lives have drastically worsened and they are living in very...

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