Project Graduates

In Kenya, all students attend school through the eighth grade. At the end of eight grade, everyone takes a test and only those who pass continue on to high school. The Imani Project encourages students who don’t go to high school to attend Polytechnic (trade school). Polytechnic schools offer training for secretaries, tailors, electricians, early childhood educators, and other occupations.

We are very proud of our Imani Project graduates who have continued to high school and Polytechnic! Despite many difficulties and difficult living situations, they have persevered with their studies. These young men and women will be able to secure employment for themselves and bring in money for their families. We are very grateful to their sponsors who pay school fees and living expenses.

Amina Katana

Birth Year 2000
Graduated from Burandogo Secondary school.

Kitsao Mwena

Kitsao Mwena has graduated from Malindi High School, and was accepted to Jomo Kenyatta University for a degree in Special Education.

Mvera Katana

Birth Year 2000
Graduated from Marikebuni High School

Rehema Kenga

Birth Year 1999
Graduated from Majenjeni Secondary School

Rehema Mwaganda

Rehema has completed Galana high school and also a course in computers.

Tumaini Julius

Tumaini graduated from Ngala Girls High School, and also she has completed a computer course.