The Imani Project Micro-loan Fund

Twelve villagers had a cash crop of maize (corn) In 2015 thanks to the Imani Project micro-loan program. The villagers submitted applications with a business plan explaining how they would use the money to improve their personal circumstances. Each chose to plant a corn crop as the best method for making a profit. Each recipient was granted a loan of $60 that must be repaid within one year. The money was used to purchase seed and fertilizer and to hire a tractor for plowing. The Microloan Fund was started as a program to help create opportunities for personal and business development of the Kenyan villagers. The program is initially limited to villagers who have volunteered their time with the Imani Project for at least one year.

Eunice Kadzo in the corn field planted with microloan funds

Priscillah Dhahabu in the corn field planted with microloan funds