The Kenyan Imani Project is a government-recognized community-based nonprofit organization in Kenya. The area it serves is in a rural region of Eastern Kenya, near the confluence of the Sabaki River and the Indian Ocean. The Director of the Kenyan Imani Project is Francis Kahindi, who has worked with Marlene since the project’s beginning. There is a Board of Directors and a group of dedicated volunteers who keep the project operating and provide goods and services throughout the year to meet the needs of the children and families we serve. We have an office in Masheheni Village where meetings are held and where records and provisions are kept, which serves as the headquarters for the Imani Project in Kenya.

Kenyan Board of Directors

Francis Kahindi Mwaduna

Director and Chairman

Mercyline Rehema Nyambu


Mwaduna Robert Baraka


Prisilla Dhahabu Chilumo

Vice Chairperson