In each of these HIV+ Families, the child pictured is HIV+, and one or both parents are HIV+. The Imani Project is seeking on-going sponsorship for these families which will provide them with $30 per month on an on-going basis.

When a person is HIV+, they become much less resistant to other diseases (TB, Malaria, skin infections, etc.)

The good news is that the Imani Project has had some real success with education and the offering of resources so adults with the virus are now being tested and are not ashamed to know they are positive. The Imani Project helps them into an HIV+ support group and gives them money for transportation to the hospital to get antiretrovirals.

In villages where the Imani Project has had a consistent presence, the number of people (children and adults) dying from AIDS has gone down by 90%.

Ian Kasena

Mother and Father both HIV+. All taking Antivirals Ian is 4 and in the baby class at the Imani Project preschool. This family are local farmers, but because of the extensive draught (and they were in a village that got NO rain). They are malnourished, have health...

Josiah Maitha

Josiah is 11 years old, and in standard 4 (4th grade) at Bodio Primary School. Josiah and his father and mother are HIV+. The family lives in Marafa village. The mother is not living at home do to problems with her husband. Father works whenever he has the opportunity...

Kelvin Kombe

Kelvin and his mother are both HIV+. Kelvin is 4 years old, and in kindergarten and Ngandu Primary School. They live in Ngandu village. Kelvin has one older sibling who is 13 and also attending Ngandu Primary School. The family needs financial assistance as mother is...