The Imani Project is a partnership between Americans and Africans, dedicated to acting against HIV/AIDS and improving health conditions in rural Kenya. The mission of the Imani Project is to empower Kenyan villagers to become educators, advocates, caregivers and HIV/AIDS activists in their own communities. Imani Project donors, sponsors, and volunteers support children and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Orphans, Disabled Children and HIV+ Families

The Imani Project matches African children orphaned by AIDS and HIV+ families with international sponsors. A gift of $35/month provides food and support for the child and his or her host family.

HIV/AIDS Education

The Imani Project teaches classes on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention to school children and adults in remote villages on the coast of Kenya.

Health & Wellness

The Imani Project is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Kenyan villagers.

Maternal and Child Health Program

Medical Services

Community Improvements

Poverty is a major problem in Kenya. The Imani Project is assisting to educate villagers and develop healthier communities.

Unsponsored Children & HIV+ Families

Brian Changawa

Brian Changawa Boy, 4 years old Brian Changawa lives with his mother and 14 year old sister in Kagombani Villiage. His father died shortly after he was born. Brian is in preschool at Farmam Majengo Primary. His mother does not have a job and searches daily for food....

Emmanuel Ndaro Zuma

Emmanuel Ndaro Zuma Boy, 9 years old Emmanuel and his disabled sister live with their mother in Mpirani Village. Their father died of a stroke. Emmanuel is in standard 2 at Gola Zula Primary. The mother has no job and tries to support her children with the few crops...

Esther Rehema Safari

Esther Rehema Safari Girl, 7 years old Esther lives with her mother and 3 siblings (9, 8, and 5) in Mpirani Village. She is in standard 1 at Godazula Primary School. Her father committed suicide and her mother sells coconuts in a village market. She is not able to...

Ian Kasena

Mother and Father both HIV+. All taking Antivirals Ian is 4 and in the baby class at the Imani Project preschool. This family are local farmers, but because of the extensive draught (and they were in a village that got NO rain). They are malnourished, have health...

Joshua Kahindi Katana

Joshua Kahindi Katana Boy, 5 years   Joshua lives in the village of Kagombani with his mother and four brothers. His father died in 2021. Joshua is in the nursery class at Kagombani Primary School. His mother suffers from an upper respiratory infection and is not...

Josiah Maitha

Josiah is 14 years old, and in standard 5 (5th grade) at Bodio Primary School. Josiah and his father and mother are HIV+. The family lives in Marafa village. The mother is not living at home due to problems with her husband. Father works whenever he has the...

Linah Mbuche Joseph

Linah Mbuche Joseph Girl, 3 years old Linah Joseph lives with her mother and 3 siblings in Kagombani Villiage. Her father died of cancer in 2022. Linah just started preschool at Farmam Majengo Primary. Her mother cannot find work and has difficulty getting enough food...

Luky Kazungu

Luky Kazungu and his mother are HIV+. They live in Kagaguta Village with his four siblings who are HIV negative. Luky is 13 years old and is in standard 2 in Kagaguta Primary School. His HIV+ mother must commute long distances for work. The family is very malnourished...

Mohamed Katana

Mhamed Katana is a 17 year old HIV+ boy who lives in Mtsangamali village with his five siblings and HIV+ parents. Mhamed is malnourished and has repeatedly had severe ear infections. Mhamed is in standard four at Mtsangamali Primary. Payment Options:  ...