• Zawadi Charo

    Girl, 15 years

    Zawadi Charo lives in Mnazi-mmwenga village with her father and two siblings, Shida and Sanita. She attends Masheheni Primary School, where she is doing well. She has developed a love for books, and says she loves reading and English. She also likes helping out on her family's small farm. Zawadi is sponsored by Janice Garceau.

  • Zawadi Mweri

    Boy, 8 years

    Zawadi lives with his mother and four siblings in the village of Mpirani. His father died of heart problems in 2007. His living situation is very poor. His mother has no employment or income. His family is in great need of financial and material support. Zwandi suffers from malaria, diarrhea, dehydration, scabies, and malnutrition. He is in KG 3 (kindergarten) at Mpirani Primary School.

  • Zawadi Thoya

    Girl, 10 years

    Zawadi Thoya and her siblings live with their grandmother in Marereni village. She attends Bandacho Primary School where she enjoys reading. Zawadi also says she enjoys skipping rope and swimming. Zawadi is sponsored by Annie Bennett.