• Janet Nema & Selina Kanze

    Girls, 14 years

    Selina and Janet are twins that live in Masheheni with their mother, 4 sisters, and 5 brothers. They are in Standard 7 of Masheheni Primary school. Selina is good at Kiswahili and science; Janet is good at math and English. When at home, Selina likes to sing with her family, and Janet likes to help with cooling and fetching water, Janet and Selina are sponsored by Dana Smith Hawkins

  • Salama Charo

    Girl, 14 years

    Salama lives with her stepmother in Kaguguta villate. Salama attends Standard 5 class at Ng'andu school. Her favorite thing to do with her family is cooking. She enjoys singing at church. Salama is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

  • Salima Mwaringa

    Girl, 8 years

    Salima Mwaringa lives in the village of Masheheni with her mother, Sarafina, and her three siblings, Lucas, Alius and Benson. She is in nursery school at Masheheni School. Salima is sponsored by Sally Miller.

  • Sampuli Kazungu

    Girl, 12 years

    Sampuli lives in the village of Marafa with her father, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. and She attends Marafa Primary school and likes rope skipping, handball, and playing children’s games. Sampuli has a beautiful smile. Sampuli is sponsored by Emily Leuning.

  • Samuel Kenga

    Boy, 12 years

    Samuel lives in the village of Mnazi Mmoja with his mother and 2 sisters. He enjoys attending school and he especially likes reading storybooks. He is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

  • Sanita Hinzano

    Boy, 10 years

    Sanita lives in the village of Misufini with his mother, sister and brother. He attends 4th grade at St. Mary School, and his favorite subject is science. Sanita would like to be meteorologist. He Sanita is sponsored by Marlene Anderson.

  • Saumu Charo

    Girl, 8 years

    Saumu lives in Mbaoni village and is in Standard 2 of Mbaoni Primary school. She lives with her mother, uncle, 3 sisters and 3 brothers. For fun she likes hide and seek and playing with friends. Saumu is sponsored by Christy and Dennis Jefferson.

  • Saumu, Mary & Sinomoyo Kahindi

    Girls, 0 years

    Saumu, Mary, and Sinomoyo are sisters who live with their mother in Misufini village. They currently live in the village of Misufini and attend Masheheni Secondary school. Saumu’s favorite subject is science, Mary’'s is English, and Sinomoyo’s is math. The sisters are sponsored by Carol Cummings.

  • Shamsu Musa

    Girl, 4 years

    Shamsa and her 14 year old sister live with their grandmother in the village of Moi. Her mother died in 2011 from malaria. Shamsu is in kindergarten and enjoys jumping rope. Her grandmother does not have a job and is not able to provide for the girls. Shamsu and her sister are in need of a sponsor to provide support for food and school uniforms and fees. Shamsu is sponsored by Sherry Bader.

  • Shukarani Charo

    Boy, 12 years

    Shukarani and his three siblings live with their grandmother in the village of Masheheni.  His father died when he was very young and his mother died of cancer in 2014. Shukarani in in standard 5 at Masheheni Primary School and enjoys playing soccer.  His grandmother is too old to work and cannot provide for the children.  Shukarani is in need of support for food and school uniforms and fees. 

  • Shuku Kitsao

    Boy, 8 years

    Shuku lives in the village of Misufini and is in class 1 of Mashaheni school. He lives with his grandmother, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. He likes school and reading. While at home Shuku helps till the land. Shuku is sponsored by Christy and Dennis Jefferson.

  • Sidi Kadzomba

    Girl, 19 years

    Sidi lives in the village of Mjanaheri with her grandmother, uncle, and twin sister. She is in 10th grade at Mjanaheri Seconday School. She is very good at math and chemistry, and she wants to be a teacher or doctor. Sidi is sponsored by Nan and Patrick Malone.

  • Simon Mkando

    Boy, 4 years

    Simon lives in the village of Marafa with his mother and brother. He is is preschool and he enjoys being with the other children. He especially likes painting. Simon is sponsored by Kimberly Lewis.

  • Suwedi Nzai

    Boy, 17 years

    Suwedi Nzai lives in Majahanzini village with his mother and brother, where he attends Majahazini Primary School. He likes playing sports, especially soccer, and he enjoys music. Suwedi is sponsored by Lisa Crosby and Paul Becker.