• Mapenzi Bahati

    Girl, 11 years

    Mapenzi lives in the village of Marikibuni with her grandmother. She is in Standard 2 class at Marikibuni Primary School. She enjoys reading, writing and playing games. For fun, Mapenzi said she likes “singing and clapping to praise God”. The right side of Mapenzi’s face is paralyzed from a brain tumor at 18 months of age. Mapenzi is sponsored by Patricia Mccreary.

  • Mapenzi Safari

    Girl, 8 years

    Mapenzi lives in Kipangajeni village with her mother, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She attends Kipangajeni Primary School in grade 3. She is good at painting and likes to help by fetching water. Mapenzi is sponsored by Earline Anderson.

  • Mapenzi Saidi

    Girl, 11 years

    Mapenzi lives in Misufini village with her mother and 4 sisters; they all attend Masheheni Primary School. Mapenzi lost her father to cancer this year. She enjoys singing, playing legball, and helping on her family's small farm. Mapenzi is sponsored by Janet Paul.

  • Margaret Chome

    Female, 20 years

    Margaret graduated from Mapimo Polytechnic where she studied tailoring. She is now working and married. Margaret was sponsored by Michele Budd for many years.


  • Margaret Kayeka

    Girl, 13 years

    Margaret lives in Masheheni village with her mother and 2 siblings, where they attend Masheheni Primary School. Margaret likes reading and soccer. She is sponsored by Patti Guptill for Ebony.

  • Mariamu Kenga

    Girl, 7 years

    Mariamu lives in Gis village with her father. Miriam attends the Gilis Catholic Nursery School. Both Mariamu and her father are HIV+. Mariamu is sponsored by Erin Owens.

  • Martha Mwayle

    Girl, 15 years

    Martha lives in Mjanaheri village with her mother. She attends school at Mkondoni where her favorite subjects are math, English and reading. Martha says she also enjoys playing soccer. She is sponsored by Maureen Sullivan for Jim and Kathy Sullivan.

  • Martin Bagala

    Boy, 12 years

    Martin Bagala is a 12 year old boy who lives in Mpirani Village. He is in class 3 at Mpirani Primary School. Martin’s parents are both deceased, and he lives with two siblings and an elderly guardian. The family is very poor, and the children suffer from diarrheal disease and malnutrition. They are often out of school due to health problems. Martin is sponsored by Nancy Catlin.

  • Mercy Samuel

    Girl, 18 years

    Mercy Samuel lives with her grandmother, Eunice, and four sisters in the village of Mnazi-mmoja. She is in her first year of high school. Mercy says she enjoys reading and playing soccer. She is sponsored by Janice Garceau.

  • Mercy Samuels

    Female, 15 years

    Mercy is in 1st form (freshman) at Majenjeni High School.  She is not a boarding student, but lives at home with her aunt and four siblings in Mnazi Mmoja village.  Mercy loves to play football, volleyball and netball when she is not studying.   Janice Garceau has generously sponsored Mercy for many years.  Mercy is healthy and very grateful to Janice for her support. 


  • Michael Mutua


    Michael Mutua graduated from Malindi High School. He now lives in Kisumundongo village with his mother who is HIV+. He was sponsored through high school by Shirley Herrick.


  • Miriam Charo

    Girl, 16 years

    Miriam Charo is from the village of Misufini. Her mother is deceased, and she lives with her father, a mechanic who repairs flour mills, and brother and sister. Miriam loves school, and is a good student. She says she wants to be a Kiswahili teacher when she grows up. She also likes to play soccer. Miriam is sponsored by Maureen Sullivan for Nancy Canino.

  • Miriam Kahindi

    Girl, 12 years

    Miriam lives in Kabiboni village with her father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Miriam is in Standard 4 class at Kabiboni Primary School where she like reading. Miriam likes to sing in the church choir. Miriam is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

  • Moki Kaingu

    Girl, 14 years

    Moki lives in Misufini village with her grandmother, 2 brothers and 5 sisters. Moki attends Marikebuni Primary school in Standard 6 class. When at home, she enjoys helping fetch water and studying. Moki is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

  • Mvera Katana

    Boy, 17 years

    Mvera lives in Lubumbashi village with 6 siblings and their guardian. Mvera attends Marikebuni School, where he holds the best attendance record. He says his favorite subjects are math and Kiswahili, but says he also plays soccer and volleyball. Mvera is sponsored by Christine Abernathy.

  • Mwaro Lawrence

    Boy, 10 years

    Mwaro and his 5 siblings lives in Pumwani with his mother and older brother's family. He is in Standard 4 grade at Kadzifitseni Primary School. Mwaro is a good cook, and he helps his family graze the goats. He is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

  • Mwokoli Kazungu

    Male, 19 years

    He is 19 years of age, and graduated from Galana Boys Highchool. He has been generously sponsored by Sam and Virginia Shank. Mwokoli is interested in Business Management. He loves to play soccer.


  • Saumu, Mary & Sinomoyo Kahindi

    Girls, 0 years

    Saumu, Mary, and Sinomoyo are sisters who live with their mother in Misufini village. They currently live in the village of Misufini and attend Masheheni Secondary school. Saumu’s favorite subject is science, Mary’'s is English, and Sinomoyo’s is math. The sisters are sponsored by Carol Cummings.