• Kadii Thethe

    Girl, 12 years

    Kadii lives in Kabiboni Village with her half sister and her family. She attends Kabiboni Primary School and likes sports, especially running and playing ball. She is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

  • Kasiwaa Benson

    Boy, 12 years

    Kasiwaa lives in Pumwani with his mother, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He attends grade 4 of Kadzafitzeni Secondary School. He likes reading, playing soccer and volleyball after school. Kasiwaa is sponsored by Sascha Krader.

  • Kavihenzwa Kenga

    Boy, 16 years

    Kavihenzwa lives in the village of Sabaki Bridge with his mother and 4 sisters. He attends Masheheni Secondary School, standard 7 class. He enjoys playing soccer and says he plays number 9 striker. He is sponsored by Patti Guptill and the Gilhousen Family Foundation.

  • Kazungu Julius

    Boy, 7 years

    Kazungu lives in Midoni village with his mother and 4 younger siblings. Kazungu has health problems stemming from hydro encephalopathy, but he does attend Kindergarten at Midoni School. He enjoys tending the family’s goats and ducks, and playing soccer with the other village children. He is sponsored by Sharron Hines.

  • Kingi Kaingu

    Boy, 16 years

    Kingi lives in Majahazini village with his mother and his older brother. He attends Majahazini School. Kingi says he likes school, but also sports, especially soccer. He is sponsored by Brian Davis.

  • Kitsao Mwena

    Male, 16 years

    Kitsao Mwena has graduated from Malindi High School, and was accepted to Jomo Kenyatta University for a degree in Special Education. He is now in Nairobi at the University.  He has been sponsored by Earline Anderson for the past 11 years.  His family lives in Kijiwetanga village.  Kitsao is a very bright young man. Kitsao fell out of a coconut tree when he was little, and his spinal cord was severed.  He now uses a wheelchair, but his disability has not kept him from excelling in school.


  • Kitsao Safari

    Boy, 12 years

    Kitsao lives in Misufini village with his mother and four younger siblings. He attends Masheheni Primary School, and he likes playing soccer and volleyball.