• George Keah

    Boy, 18 years

    George Keah lives in the village of Burangi with his grandma, father, brother and sister. He likes to watch and play soccer, and he enjoys singing in the church choir. George hopes to teach high school. He is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

  • George Mwambego

    Boy, 9 years

    George lives with his mother, 3 brothers and a sister in the village of Mpirani. He attends Mpirani Primary School in KG2 class, where reading is his favorite subject. George likes to play games with his little brother and loves to tell jokes and talk in funny voices. George helps his family graze the goats. He is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

  • Gladys Hare

    Girl, 9 years

    Gladys lives in Marafa village with her mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Gladys attends Marafa Primary school, K2 class. Gladys likes math, skipping rocks and playing tug-of-war. Gladys is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

  • Grace Kazungu

    Female, 16 years

    Grace Kazungu graduated from Lamu Girls Academy. She is now living and working in Malindi.  Grace likes drama and music.  She is sponsored by Diane and Lowell Halverson.