• Faiz Said

    Boy, 14 years

    Faiz Said lives with his guardian and two other children in Ngomeni village where he attends Primary School. Faiz enjoys reading and playing soccer. Faiz is sponsored by Leslie Jackson.

  • Farida Omari

    Girl, 9 years

    Farida lives in Mpirani village with his mother and five siblings. He is seven years old and attends Mpirani Primary School. Farida is sponsored by Helen McNaughton.

  • Fikiri Charo

    Girl, 14 years

    Fikiri lives in Masheheni village with her mother and five siblings. She attends Masheheni Primary School. She enjoys playing soccer and jumping rope. She is sponsored by Kimberlee Sheng.

  • Fikirini Charo

    Girl, 16 years

    Fikirini and her older brother and sister live with their grandmother in Misufini village. Fikirini attends Marikeboni Primary School and is a good student. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She is sponsored by Ron and Sarah Seubert.

  • Fondo Kalama

    Boy, 14 years

    Fondo lives in Kagombani Village with his mother and three siblings. He attends Kagombani Primary School. He says he enjoys going to school and playing soccer. Fondo is sponsored by Katie and Jeremiah Wilgus.

  • Furaha Charo

    Boy, 17 years

    Furaha Charo lives with his grandmother and 4 siblings in Masheheni village, where he attends Masheheni Primary School. He likes reading, playing football and farming. Furaha is sponsored by Lisa Crosby and Paul Becker.

  • Furaha Kadenge

    Boy, 10 years

    Furaha lives with his mother and siblings in Masheheni village, where he goes to Primary School. He enjoys singing, playing soccer, and jumping rope. Furaha is sponsored by David and Enid Traisman.

  • Furaha Kazungu

    Boy, 12 years

    Furaha lives with his mother, Langi, and sibling, Gleely, in Masheheni village. Furaha's father died of AIDS in 2012. Furaha attends Masheheni Primary School. He is sponsored by Julie Ostrye.

  • Furaha Shindo Ng'andu

    Boy, 12 years

    Furaha is in Standard 3 at Ng’andu Primary School. He lives with his brother's family in Ng'andu Village. He likes reading, drawing and math at school. At home, he enjoys playing soccer and singing. Furaha is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.