• Elizabeth Kaingu

    Girl, 10 years

    Elizabeth lives with her sister and brother-in-law in the village of Misufini. She is in standard 5 of Marikebuni Primary school, where she likes reading. For fun, Elizabeth likes dancing and playing soccer. Elizabeth is sponsored by Susan Webert.

  • Elvis Baya

    Boy, 11 years

    Elvis lives in the village of Bura, Karimboni with his mother, 2 brothers, aunt, uncle and cousin. He is in grade 4 of Bura school. He especially likes reading in both English and Kiswahili. Elvis likes to tell jokes and play funny games with people and he is very quick to smile. Elvis is sponsored by Melanie Wisniewski.

  • Erick Baraka

    Boy, 11 years

    Erick lives in Majahazani village with his mother and 5 sisters. He is in standard 4 of Majahazini Primary School. He enjoys reading and English is his favorite subject. When at home Erick likes to help herd the goats and cows and to make simple toys. Erick is sponsored by Nina

  • Erick Kingi

    Boy, 12 years

    Erick lives with his HIV positive grandfather in the village of Masheheni.  Both his father and mother died of HIV/AIDS in 2008 and 2009.  Erick is in standard 2 at Masheheni Primary School and enjoys playing soccer and reading.  The housing condition of this family is very poor.  The grandfather is no longer able to work or find food for Erick.  Erick desperately needs support for food, a school uniform and school fees. 

  • Evelyn Riziki Katana

    Girl, 15 years

    Evelyn is a lively 15-year old girl whose mother died of malaria. She lives with her grandmother in the village of Gongoni. Evelyn is HIV+ and taking medication. Evelyn is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

  • Everlynn Katana

    Girl, 11 years

    Everlyne's father died of Malaria in April 2015 and her mother died just last December (2015) of TB. She is now living with her elderly grandmother in Masheheni Village. Everlyne is in standard 2 at Masheheni Primary School and enjoys net ball and legball. Evelyne is sponsored by Ron Penl.