• Derick Douglas

    Boy, 4 years

    Derick and his 3 siblings live with their grandmother in Sabaki Bridge Village. His mother died of malaria in 2012. Derick does not attend school but his siblings are in standards 5, 5 and 7. He enjoys playing soccer. All four children live in their grandmother's hut and need support for food, school uniforms and school fees. Derick Douglas is sponsored by Sascha Krader.

  • Dora and Dennis Mwarandu

    Girl & Boy.  Dora and Dennis live with their grandmother, aunt and uncle in the remote village of Magarini. They attend Magarini Primary School. Dora and Dennis are sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

  • Dorris Shehe

    Girl, 12 years

    Dorris and her two sisters live in in Bandacho Village with her father and stepmother. Dorris attends standard 4 class at Bandacho Academy, and her favorite subject is reading. For fun Dorris likes to dance and has learned some traditional dances at school. Dorris is sponsored by Sascha Krader.