Sponsored Orphans Whose Name Starts with B

  • Bahati Kitigwa

    Male, 16 years

    He has graduated from Gede Youth Polytechnic with a certificate in Plumbing. He lives with his brother, who is also in the plumbing business. Bahati has been generously sponsored by Patsy O’Shea for many years. He is very grateful to her for making this opportunity possible.


  • Baraka Kalume

    Boy, 17 years

    Baraka lives in Karimboni village with his mother, brother and sister. Baraka enjoys playing football and reading. He is happy to work together with his family. Baraka is sponsored by Amy Earhart.

  • Benson Kambu

    Boy, 12 years

    Benson lives in the village of Mnazi-mmoja, and is in grade 6 of Mashaheni Primary school. He lives with his father, brother and 4 sisters. His favorite subject is math. He is very good at soccer and likes being a defender. Benson is sponsored by Curran, Young Jee and Hahna Filer.

  • Benson Karisa

    Boy, 12 years

    Benson and his two younger brothers live with their mother in Kagombani Village. His father is deceased. Benson’s health is poor. He is in class 2 at Kagombani School. He suffers from malaria, upper repertory infection, and dehydration. His living situation is poor and the family needs assistance in food support.