Sponsored Orphans Whose Name Starts with A

  • Ahmed Swallehe

    Boy, 4 years

    Ahmed lives with his grandmother and uncle in Marikebuni Village. His mother died in childbirth and his father is unknown. Ahmed attends Grade 1 of Bomani Primary school and enjoys drawing and reading. After school, he likes to play soccer and practice jumping rope. When at home he likes to help herd the goats and to dig with sticks. Ahmed is sponsored by Sascha Krader.

  • Amani Charo

    Boy, 5 years

    Amani lives in the village of Mashaheni with his mother and brother. He enjoys attending school, and is in grade 2 of Mashaheni Primary school. He likes playing soccer with his brother and playing with small toys. Amani is sponsored by Patti Guptil.

  • Amina Karisa

    Female, 20 years

    Amina Karisa graduated from Polytechnic school and is working as a seamstress. She is now married and living with her husband in Kagombani village.  She would like to open a sewing shop to make women’s clothing.  Her polytechnic education was funded by her sponsor of several years, Lisa Crosby.


  • Amina Katana

    Girl, 17 years

    Amina lives in the village of Burandogo and is in standard 8 of Burandogo Secondary school. She lives with her mother and brother. She enjoys playing soccer. Amina sings in church with a clear, beautiful, and high voice. She is sponsored by Marion David.