Girl, 17 years

Amina lives in the village of Burandogo and is in standard 8 of Burandogo Secondary school. She lives with her mother and brother. She enjoys playing soccer. Amina sings in church with a clear, beautiful, and high voice. She is sponsored by Marion David.

Boy, 17 years

Baraka lives in Karimboni village with his mother, brother and sister. Baraka enjoys playing football and reading. He is happy to work together with his family. Baraka is sponsored by Amy Earhart.

Boy, 21 years

Davis Fondo lives in Masheheni Village and lives with his grandmother and other family. He goes to school at Marikebuni. Davis also enjoys playing football and reading. He is sponsored by David Filer.

Female, 15 years

Mercy is in 1st form (freshman) at Majenjeni High School.  She is not a boarding student, but lives at home with her aunt and four siblings in Mnazi Mmoja village.  Mercy loves to play football, volleyball and netball when she is not studying.   Janice Garceau has generously sponsored Mercy for many years.  Mercy is healthy and very grateful to Janice for her support. 


Boy, 17 years

Mvera lives in Lubumbashi village with 6 siblings and their guardian. Mvera attends Marikebuni School, where he holds the best attendance record. He says his favorite subjects are math and Kiswahili, but says he also plays soccer and volleyball. Mvera is sponsored by Christine Abernathy.

Girl, 15 years

Rachel lives in the village of Mnazi Mmoja with her mother, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters. She is in standard 8 class at Mashaheni Secondary School. She likes dancing as well as playing soccer. She is sponsored by Virginia Scott.

Female, 16 years

Rehema is in 1st form (freshman) at Majenjeni High School after graduating from Masheheni Primary with good marks and a commendation from the Principal for being disciplined and hard working.   Rehema is a day scholar and lives at home with her aunt and one sibling.  Sharron and Richard Hines have sponsored Rehema for many years, and she is very grateful for their support in helping her graduate from High School. 


Girl, 15 years

Zawadi Charo lives in Mnazi-mmwenga village with her father and two siblings, Shida and Sanita. She attends Masheheni Primary School, where she is doing well. She has developed a love for books, and says she loves reading and English. She also likes helping out on her family's small farm. Zawadi is sponsored by Janice Garceau.