Boy, 12 years

Benson and his two younger brothers live with their mother in Kagombani Village. His father is deceased. Benson’s health is poor. He is in class 2 at Kagombani School. He suffers from malaria, upper repertory infection, and dehydration. His living situation is poor and the family needs assistance in food support.

Boy, 12 years

Erick lives with his HIV positive grandfather in the village of Masheheni.  Both his father and mother died of HIV/AIDS in 2008 and 2009.  Erick is in standard 2 at Masheheni Primary School and enjoys playing soccer and reading.  The housing condition of this family is very poor.  The grandfather is no longer able to work or find food for Erick.  Erick desperately needs support for food, a school uniform and school fees. 

Boy, 7 years

Hamisi’s mother died of AIDS in 2009, and his father lives far away and does not provide support.  Hamisi and three siblings live with their elderly grandmother in the village of Pokeamwana.  He is in KG3 at Pokeamwana Primary School. Hamisi is also HIV+ and takes ARV medication to keep from developing AIDS.  He needs help to continue medication and provide for his basic needs.

Boy, 13 years

Hassan Tune lives with his aunt in Madzayani Village with his three siblings. His mother died of malaria and his aunt’s husband died of Tuberculosis. The aunt earns her daily bread by burning charcoal. Malnutrition is common in this family. Hassan has malaria caused by lack of protective mosquito netting. He is in class 5 at Pumwani School.

Boy, 12 years

Shukarani and his three siblings live with their grandmother in the village of Masheheni.  His father died when he was very young and his mother died of cancer in 2014. Shukarani in in standard 5 at Masheheni Primary School and enjoys playing soccer.  His grandmother is too old to work and cannot provide for the children.  Shukarani is in need of support for food and school uniforms and fees. 

Boy, 8 years

Zawadi lives with his mother and four siblings in the village of Mpirani. His father died of heart problems in 2007. His living situation is very poor. His mother has no employment or income. His family is in great need of financial and material support. Zwandi suffers from malaria, diarrhea, dehydration, scabies, and malnutrition. He is in KG 3 (kindergarten) at Mpirani Primary School.

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