Boy, 12 years

Furaha is in Standard 3 at Ng’andu Primary School. He lives with his brother's family in Ng'andu Village. He likes reading, drawing and math at school. At home, he enjoys playing soccer and singing. Furaha is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

Boy, 18 years

George Keah lives in the village of Burangi with his grandma, father, brother and sister. He likes to watch and play soccer, and he enjoys singing in the church choir. George hopes to teach high school. He is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

Boy, 9 years

George lives with his mother, 3 brothers and a sister in the village of Mpirani. He attends Mpirani Primary School in KG2 class, where reading is his favorite subject. George likes to play games with his little brother and loves to tell jokes and talk in funny voices. George helps his family graze the goats. He is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

Girl, 9 years

Gladys lives in Marafa village with her mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Gladys attends Marafa Primary school, K2 class. Gladys likes math, skipping rocks and playing tug-of-war. Gladys is sponsored by Bob Bradley and Torrie Gordon.

Boy, 6 years

Hamisi’s father was murdered in July, 2016, and he and his four siblings live with their mother in the village of Marikebuni.  Their mother has no income, and the family is being supported by friends and wellwishers in the village.  Hamisi has malaria and is HIV+, and he needs help for food and medication. Hamisi is sponsored by Alexandria Rzepka.


Girl, 5 years

Hilda's mother died of AIDS when she was 2 years old.  Hilda and her four siblings live with their aunt in very poor conditions.  She is in great need of help with basic upkeep and to enable her to start attending school. She is sponsored by Carol Capshaw.


Boy, 16 years

Jaliwa is completing school at Masheheni Primary School. He lives in Masheheni village with his mother and 5 siblings. Jaliwa is good at sports, and especially likes soccer. Jaliwa is sponsored by Janice Garceau.

Boy, 15 years

Jamal and his sister live with their grandmother in Moi village. He attends school at Majenjeni Primary. Jamal says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. He is sponsored by Shirley and Charles Herrick.

Boy, 14 years

James lives in Masheheni village with his grandma and brother. He can't attend school due to severe physical and mental disabilities. James is sponsored by Patti Guptill for Freddie.

James Karisa

Boy 13 Years

James lives with his sister in the village of Masheheni. Both his parents died when he was very young. He is in standard 5 at Masheheni Primary School and enjoys playing soccer. His sister is not in school and does not have a job to provide for James' care. This little family is in need of immediate support for food and school uniforms and fees.  James is now sponsored by Stephanie Harlow.

Girls, 14 years

Selina and Janet are twins that live in Masheheni with their mother, 4 sisters, and 5 brothers. They are in Standard 7 of Masheheni Primary school. Selina is good at Kiswahili and science; Janet is good at math and English. When at home, Selina likes to sing with her family, and Janet likes to help with cooling and fetching water, Janet and Selina are sponsored by Dana Smith Hawkins

Boy, 5 years

Joseph llives in the village of Mnazimala. He is currently attending nursery school in the Imani Project Early Child Development program. Joseph has 3 siblings and they are currently being cared for by his grandfather. Joseph is sponsored by Maya Muir and Rick Comandich.

Girl, 9 years

Joy Mueni lives in Misufini village with her mother and 3 older siblings. Joy attends Masheheni Primary School, and she enjoys playing soccer and reading. She is sponsored by Maya Muir and Rick Comandich.

Girl, 10 years

Joyce enjoys singing and playing skipping games with her friends. After her parents died, she and her siblings were taken in by Samimi Mukao and Robert Mwadia. They live in Masheheni village where Joyce goes to Primary School. Joyce is sponsored by Eric and Anne Lehr.

Girl, 12 years

Kadii lives in Kabiboni Village with her half sister and her family. She attends Kabiboni Primary School and likes sports, especially running and playing ball. She is sponsored by Phil and Diane Garding.

Boy, 12 years

Kasiwaa lives in Pumwani with his mother, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He attends grade 4 of Kadzafitzeni Secondary School. He likes reading, playing soccer and volleyball after school. Kasiwaa is sponsored by Sascha Krader.

Boy, 16 years

Kavihenzwa lives in the village of Sabaki Bridge with his mother and 4 sisters. He attends Masheheni Secondary School, standard 7 class. He enjoys playing soccer and says he plays number 9 striker. He is sponsored by Patti Guptill and the Gilhousen Family Foundation.

Boy, 7 years

Kazungu lives in Midoni village with his mother and 4 younger siblings. Kazungu has health problems stemming from hydro encephalopathy, but he does attend Kindergarten at Midoni School. He enjoys tending the family’s goats and ducks, and playing soccer with the other village children. He is sponsored by Sharron Hines.

Boy, 16 years

Kingi lives in Majahazini village with his mother and his older brother. He attends Majahazini School. Kingi says he likes school, but also sports, especially soccer. He is sponsored by Brian Davis.

Boy, 12 years

Kitsao lives in Misufini village with his mother and four younger siblings. He attends Masheheni Primary School, and he likes playing soccer and volleyball.


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